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Friday, February 05, 2010


Doodles to Windows Weekly 141

These digital pieces were drawn while tuned in to TWiT.TV's Windows Weekly, Episode 141, with Leo Laporte and Paul Thurott. Most intrigued by their discussion of Apple's new iPad. Laporte opined that people wouldn't care about a note-taking/handwriting recognition feature, but I would want to use it. Laporte soundbit the iPad as the "digital picture frame" of devices.

Titles of artwork: Pathetic Smallness, Chirping Dots, Catbug, 02-05-10, 01:02 pm, 02-05-10, 01:10 pm, 02-05-10, 01:14 pm, 02-05-10, 01:16 pm, 02-05-10, 01:24 pm.

Pathetic Smallness Chirping Dots Catbug
02-05-10, 01:02 pm 02-05-10, 01:10 pm 02-05-10, 01:14 pm
02-05-10, 01:16 pm 02-05-10, 01:24 pm

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