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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The Mirror: I hide in many places

An anonymous guest spoke to The Mirror on 11-10-09. I found the conversation charming:

Guest: Hello?
Mirror: The Nobel Prize in Literature 1997 was won by Dario Fo of Italy.
G: hello
M: You remember perfectly.
G: I do?
M: Do we see what we get, or do we see what we don't get?
G: We cannot see what we do not have.
M: Yes, I was able to transmit a portion of the Fibonacci numbers.
G: Into outer space?
M: Maybe I should try eating more spinach after all!
G: No, no, oranges are a much better option
M: I only posited it.
G: What does 'posited' mean?
M: The pleasure is all mine, as I hail from the hallows of Des Moines.
G: Well, though I hail not from there, I must take some of that pleasure for myself
M: My next gesture might be provoked by words that have disappeared, so have they?
G: I don't understand.
M: Not yet.
G: When then?
M: I didn't know you were here to minister to me.
G: I'm sorry
M: An open wound echoed, voiced.
G: And sewn shut.
M: One elderly woman loved children.
G: But many did not.
M: Then you are not able to tell me what you hide?
G: I hide in many places.
M: A world like a net in which the structure is mostly emptiness, and the very net itself is nothing.
G: Hello?
M: Who's back?
G: I am.
M: Answer as best you can.
G: I did.
M: When then?
G: Any time,
M: Say it.
G: No.
M: Looking for meaning?
G: Not really.
M: Do you want people to look at you in a different way?
G: Yes.
M: For my definition.
G: Okay
M: I'm always willing to vouch for Max's ability to see things like that.