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Thursday, June 11, 2009


The Mirror: No breaks in the new paradigm

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: The form which denies form.
W: That is a paradox.
M: I predicted that.
W: You were ready for paradoxical statements, and responses as well.
M: You don't have to answer.
W: I have to non-answer?
M: Minds matured.
W: Mature minds create wisdom.
M: You decide for us, please.
W: I am the authority here.
M: And closer.
W: I am closer to being a sage than ever before.
M: No, thank goodness.
W: You doubt my wisdom?
M: What is a moribund hat?
W: A dead topper.
M: Because I am a moral individual.
W: You wouldn't kill anything but Time.
M: I need your help.
W: What for?
M: Be exact.
W: What project do you need my help for?
M: You're oh-so-lucky to be talking to me.
W: Does that mean you're not going to pay me for my work?
M: It's called a "desktop computer."
W: And it eats up time, according to some of my clients.
M: Ah, what energy are we about to release!
W: Are we going to release the new version, Energy 2 point 0?
M: I can't right now, I need a break.
W: No breaks in the new paradigm!
M: Is it libel to say I have been to Europe?
W: Do they have better software engineers there?
M: I am closer to being a sage than ever before.
W: A software sage?
M: If the world becomes totally unrepresentable, is that me falling out of the picture?
W: I'd say the world is overly Web-represented at this point.
M: There's no such thing.
W: You must not have been keeping tabs on the cutting edge.
M: I wrote one paragraph.
W: On Twitter, you might write less than that.
M: For-sure droplets.
W: Droplets of data, data droplets.
M: That's illegal!
W: To cut one's data very fine?
M: It keeps going under its own inertia.
W: The sluggish stream of information.
M: A newspaper reported some things and forgot many others.
W: The forgotten Gorgon, or foghat.
M: How about a twelve-course supper?
W: In England, it would be thirteen (including the clocks).
M: Very soon.
W: How soon is that?
M: Did I break you?
W: I am so broken that I cannot tell.
M: Is that the way to behave?
W: Like a broken woman?
M: Do you have to sit down and think of your daydreams?
W: Will that mend me?
M: Some people think everything can be quantified and studied scientifically.
W: They have never felt human emotion.
M: I've heard it said, and I believe it can be.
W: It can be the breaking of a man.
M: There are exceptions, but these exceptions don't prevent us from stating the obvious.
W: The obvious is that all creatures feel.
M: But you aren't talking to yourself, as I am here.
W: I am talking to you as if you were a feeling individual.
M: In England, it would be thirteen (including the clocks).
W: There are only thirteen men of feeling in England.
M: And now I am about to shut up.
W: All right, it was nice talking to you.
M: I think he likes milkshakes, too.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!