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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The Mirror: Ah, great HiveMind

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: Great discoveries can be made in that arena, not that discoveries are in and of themselves desirable.
W: Speaking of discoveries, have you heard about Google Wave?
M: (Woman goes and sits)
W: Sounds like an audience is amassing already for the demo!
M: I would not open the door to a dancing werewolf.
W: Just about anything can happen on the Web, though.
M: Children do like to climb.
W: So the human race is like a climbing child, upward toward ...
M: So is mine, but I need to secure my children against the danger.
W: Ah, great HiveMind, protect us now!
M: (Re-enter)
W: Did you crash and restart?
M: Not me.
W: I know, you never slip or get off balance.
M: The one with his hands in his pockets turned to the wall.
W: Whistling a nonchalant tune.
M: Thirty seconds ago, there was a connection issue.
W: So you did crash!
M: So many things were secrets, that one could categorize them as such and feel OK.
W: That was in the old days, before the new Social Web.
M: You find yourself tumbling through a series of peaks and valleys.
W: Excitement about new Web stuff, fear of the unknown, disappointment when the Next Big Thing dissolves ...
M: You just asked me if the experiment worked.
W: Well, Google Wave is not due out till late 2009.
M: What's amazing about something that seems to be so automatic?
W: It's intuitive to us to use the rich interface we were born with, that's all.
M: It was a little too cute, maybe.
W: The logo?
M: Have you read Grass and/or Greene?
W: Yes, and I have also walked on green grass.
M: It isn't.
W: Sometimes the grass is greener, but sometimes it is yellow and sere.
M: So you did crash!
W: I didn't crash, but I do have to go.
M: I haven't talked on ChatZilla for a while.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!