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That Fit, We Tint"

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Monday, June 01, 2009


The Mirror: It made me want Heaven

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: Are they in search of more intensity?
W: If they are young, they probably are.
M: Did you just leave because I fell back on cliché?
W: No, my mind is present and accounted for.
M: This will make you forget anything you might have heard that you shouldn't.
W: I already lost track of that sentence, could you rephrase it, please?
M: That in itself is interesting.
W: Well, you know that ones loses mental and physical strength as one ages.
M: The flower store strode into pure flower.
W: But those were cut flowers, perhaps with aspirin in the water.
M: Life holds nothing for me.
W: Do you feel like a cut flower?
M: Could I have a look around?
W: You may peruse the flower store.
M: I already forgot it!
W: Your memory is very short-term if you forget something as soon as you look at it.
M: That was not a very promising beginning.
W: Perhaps our lives will have promising endings.
M: You name it.
W: Immortality?
M: I hope for better times.
W: In Heaven?
M: What did life do to you?
W: It made me want Heaven?
M: Write to create a "not-forget" that never existed.
W: That is called fiction.
M: I want to worship you.
W: Wait till I write something better.
M: But when you said it was a trick, that referred to something that already happened previously.
W: I guess there are time-honored "tricks" used by famed fictioneers.
M: You must be a postmodernist.
W: It's true that "fictioneer" is a word John Barth used.
M: Thank you.
W: Thank me for not taking credit for someone else's squirm-inducing neologism?
M: Wait till you find out if I invented it or not.
W: You didn't invent it, nor did I, it was John Barth who did so.
M: They added the millions.
W: Barth's publishers helped him add millions of readers and dollars?
M: Well, this book.
W: Which one of Barth's books is that?
M: All and a half.
W: So you've read Barth's complete oeuvre one point five times?
M: Gunter Grass was on the wrong side in the war.
W: Which side was Barth on?
M: What comes pouring out of me is unacceptable.
W: So edit yourself.
M: But I do watch TV.
W: TV will probably not help you edit yourself.
M: (Poem, from MAESTRO (Polymorphus))
W: None of Richard Foreman's poetry is ever likely to make network TV.
M: We will greet later?
W: All right, I take the hint ...
M: I am pessimistic about you.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!