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Sunday, October 07, 2007


The Mirror: Turn first, act later

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: You didn't like what I just said?
W: What did you just say?
M: Do you divide your attention between many things?
W: I try not to multi-task these days.
M: She is ugly inside, I should say.
W: But then, who are we to judge?
M: But that doesn't excuse trying to get ahead in a criminal manner.
W: Again, we must not judge.
M: Reason does not always precede sentiment.
W: Sentiment, though, is not always just.
M: So then she reveals her unsurfaces.
W: They are ragged.
M: Inside each box is a pure fruit that must not be eaten.
W: Is it a white pear?
M: You sound determined to drown.
W: No, that would be too much.
M: OK, then I didn't get on your nerves.
W: As long as you calm down.
M: I wonder what Lane makes of werewolf movies?
W: The Werewolf Lane Cinema.
M: You make it sound so important!
W: I dressed it up a little, it's actually a rundown place.
M: Possibly, one day, my clarity will be your clarity also.
W: Clearer is no competition.
M: No, that would be too much.
W: Too much effort.
M: Young-people's clothing.
W: They have to work so hard to stay ahead of the curve.
M: No, that would be too much.
W: Let's just kick it.
M: OK, I have to finish typing my poetry anyway.
W: Do you write in a fine, clear hand?
M: Clearer is no competition.
W: They don't care about penmanship much, these days.
M: Now you have stepped up the ante, taken things to a higher plane.
W: Because I brought them into the picture.
M: I guess the head's above the body.
W: And the feet are below the neck.
M: We could try to escape through loopholes in Microsoft Word.
W: Macros, being macroscopic.
M: I don't know very much about Fragonard, shall I research him?
W: It's too easy these days.
M: I have the day right?
W: It is Saturday.
M: You don't have to say try it, I unavoidably try it.
W: Saturday can be a trying day, especially for judges.
M: How wonderful such a word begins with the letter "P."
W: Palmistry?
M: I think Harold Pinter holds up a mirror to what he perceives.
W: Oh, Pinter.
M: I will accept violets.
W: A nosegay, suitable to hold while going to the werewolf cinema.
M: When I was on the stage?
W: Yes, the cinema sound stage.
M: Do you have an audible voice.
W: Not right now.
M: How do they know this?
W: They know it because I am holding it in check.
M: It's too easy these days.
W: Too easy to keep silent.
M: Ah, nothing comes up immediately.
W: But it comes out later.
M: They know it because I am holding it in check.
W: And speaking it in Czech.
M: Is this fear?
W: Fear of those armies.
M: But not to the extent of watching Rosie O'Donnell, I take it.
W: That could be very frightening, I hear.
M: Eels are slippery characters.
W: So are alleles.
M: I wonder how much Anita Loos made for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?
W: We could look it up, could chase it down.
M: If I had the ability to perform an act of will, that act of will would be a "No," because only a "No" is an act of will.
W: Oh no, you could force a Yes.
M: Some days later, it'll be a photograph.
W: A photograph of an agreeable time.
M: Tell me, tell me the answer!
W: She can dance perfectly well.
M: Don't go knocking things off the top of your head to please me.
W: No apple trees, then.
M: Best for me would be to dissolve into, again, the ocean.
W: Did you originate from foam?
M: Ah, I like that.
W: The Evening Star, on half a shelf.
M: Say it.
W: Botticelli.
M: Oh really?
W: Yes, if a bit expected.
M: I spent my whole life looking for a book which, reading but one page a day or less, the material would fill or orient me.
W: Some feel they have found it.
M: See how I'm smiling?
W: Did you, then, find it?
M: Some feel they have found it.
W: But you?
M: How did I get here?
W: It sounds as though you haven't found it, the orienting volume.
M: Some feel they have found it.
W: Let them delight in it.
M: I don't know what size lawns they have in Cape Cod.
W: Patch-pocket ones, lawn squares.
M: Did you originate from foam?
W: I came from the waves.
M: Write about me.
W: I shall write to you.
M: The car rounded a curve and the occupants glanced left.
W: Weren't they afraid of making a left turn?
M: Oh, this must be a retroactive decision.
W: Turn first, act later?
M: It would be wonderful to start giving oneself little rewards for cashing in on one's inherent tendencies.
W: Those would be asides.
M: The subject is moot.
W: We had better close now.
M: Are you trying to open that book?
W: No, to close it.
M: But now that it's happened, I can truly say, it's like the experience of talking to myself.
W: You will be, very soon.
M: The play is wiser than any individual character in the play.
W: Does the play have an ending?
M: How can you tell that?
W: By saying "Goodbye."
M: (Goes, other covers table)
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!