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That Fit, We Tint"

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Groupboard Jamboree with J

Aliens Do Not ExistJ: ah, mr. spock. one of my favorite subjects
J: i'm LOLing ooh that is GREAT
Websafe: leonard nimoy manque
Websafe: maybe u want to draw kirk?
J: I love his eyes. mr. spock was never so dark!
Websafe: this may be spock in one of his rare dark moments
J: he's having an emotion it does not compute
Websafe: not errata ... just part of the stream
J: or maybe he's having an emoticon
Websafe: lol!!!!!!!!
Websafe: yes an emoticon

Barker and SalesmanWebsafe: my guy is a chuckleheaded yahoo filled with despair
J: he doesn't seem to be despairing.
Websafe: he is a real yeehaw
Websafe: On his nose flute he is playing "Songs from the Vienna Woods"
Websafe: Your guy is a tennis pro
J: yeee haaa! hmm. i saw him more of a old time carnival barker.
Websafe: saying aaaargh
Websafe: would that pull any customers in
J: my guy is not a tennis pro! he's an out of work salesmen who's been inside watching too much tv.
J: a barker might help, but there's no one on the street
Websafe: what shows does he watch
Websafe: CSI Miami?
J: he watches whatever is on. . .he likes csi miami but he's usually passed out by then
J: he likes cops and those sitcoms with the ugly husbands

Catman and Rejected LadyJ: I just heard the line "like a cat tied to a stick" as I saw your drawing manifest itself
Websafe: whoa cosmick
J: interesting coincidence is all
Websafe: nice gradation of pinks
J: i like that sloppy bit around "really"
Websafe: me too

Fashion Dharma
J: i'm enjoying the pinks and light purples a lot
Websafe: ballet pink
J: i loved the way the "sky" flashed two colors!!! great!
Websafe: what were those waves
Websafe: they better not have been cig smoke
J: NO. it was part of the mind to mind transmission
Websafe: ok
Websafe: a vulcan mind meld
J: i wouldn't blow smoke on those ladies

Wrong Century 02Websafe: OOOH
Websafe: gr8 shoe
Websafe: squeaky shoes
J: that is one nice shoe you drew.
J: i LIKE this drawing!
Websafe: it is funny
J: I really enjoyed this one!!