"All the Hues
That Fit, We Tint"

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


The Mirror: My words are my children

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: Packages adhered to certain definable human beings who came and went.
W: Are you talking about UPS?
M: You were ready for paradoxical statements, and responses as well.
W: Thank you for reminding me!
M: Go away.
W: You don't want to talk to me?
M: The information should be in that envelope I see in your pocket.
W: There are two little pockets on my shirt, but no envelope.
M: Voice-over: Sadly, not everyone was prepared to allow that particular nuance to redirect an entire life.
W: You seem to be in a caustic mood today, is it because I come around too seldom or too often?
M: (Winds back)
W: Ah, you have to check your records, I understand.
M: Show me the surface, and make it highly polished.
W: I just can't be that brilliant on such short notice!
M: Yes, but somehow it's less option-like.
W: You mean that you are the authority here?
M: Palmistry?
W: Can you tell who has a dominant personality by reading their palms?
M: I don't want to be on any kind of cutting edge.
W: Palmistry is an ancient (pseudo-)science.
M: Bravura merely masks an essential discontent.
W: Would you say that fortune tellers are generally discontented individuals?
M: It gives me ideas.
W: Yes, palm readings and horoscopes play on the seeker's imagination.
M: This doubling had a name, long forgotten.
W: Doppelgangers?
M: The answers are always food for my imagination.
W: Everyone imagines, but no one can prove anything.
M: Word as camouflage, but for what?
W: For the truth.
M: That's something you choose not to talk about.
W: Oh, I try to be perfectly clear, rational and factual.
M: Would you say that fortune tellers are generally discontented individuals?
W: I would say that they are preying on people's longings.
M: And it can jump from one to another orbit.
W: Right, they can pretend to be psychics and trance mediums as well.
M: I will not get out.
W: Are you trapped in a trance state?
M: You are highly unstable.
W: I'm just trying to follow you.
M: Does deep water scare you?
W: Profound topics, you mean?
M: I react with ping-ponging.
W: It sounds like ADD, or at least short attention span.
M: Well?
W: No judgments here.
M: Because they will stand up against us.
W: True, there is a stigma attached.
M: Are kooky people less moral than non-kooky people?
W: They probably try harder to formulate their own alternative moralities.
M: The ones undertaken in semi-earnestness.
W: With tongue in cheek, or with con artistry?
M: I'll help.
W: Will you help me wind down, but nicely?
M: You'd have to know what it was.
W: Please?
M: It's one of those poems that seems familiar and new at the same time.
W: Our talk is like a poem which is drawing to a close.
M: You don't seem to make much sense.
W: You don't understand "farewell"?
M: Just "fine" is not enough.
W: Fine then, farewell!
M: Who are they, your children?
W: My words are my children ...
M: Exactly, Otto, too showy.
W: Goodbye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!