"All the Hues
That Fit, We Tint"

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The Mirror: We are absorbent of slights

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: Hundreds of versions of me exist.
W: I'd say it's more like millions.
M: Are you saying contemporary poetry is nothing?
W: Because it appeals to the millions?
M: When Westerners discovered Morocco, they spoiled it.
W: They added the millions.
M: My whole life is full of similar complaints.
W: Too many people?
M: I've acclimated.
W: How do you cope?
M: It's the sound of my own voice.
W: The sound of your own voice soothes you?
M: In my dreams.
W: Have you tape-recorded your dreams?
M: (First enters)
W: First, you enter them in a highly decorated logbook?
M: Do not open such a box.
W: I would never trespass on your dream station.
M: No, no, no, this is always being in the middle of a story.
W: You only know the middle of your dreams?
M: I can listen when others are silent around me.
W: You have to concentrate on the sound of your own thoughts.
M: Too many people?
W: There are entirely too many people in the world at large.
M: Great discoveries can be made in that arena, not that discoveries are in and of themselves desirable.
W: The people on their way out might not find such a plan desirable.
M: Too many people?
W: But we have to respect all beings, there's the rub.
M: Why would you want to do that?
W: It is a question of moral balance.
M: But we have to respect all beings, there's the rub.
W: Now you're learning!
M: Do you wear clam diggers?
W: I prefer trousers which cover the ankle.
M: Was Wells Fargo good?
W: You had to go too far to reach the wellsprings.
M: Us all being right.
W: We can't all be at once, or can we?
M: To be able to write while being observed, seems to me an important test.
W: Because there are chockfull places now.
M: What do you want with me?
W: I was just stopping in.
M: People should pay me to be worshipped.
W: Do you offer worship services?
M: But St. Thomas cried out in pain!
W: A martyred sort of Fontaine.
M: Nothing could be easier for me.
W: You must have your mind on the higher things, as an anodyne.
M: A lost number was picked up from the mud at the side of the road, written on a postcard.
W: It was a trick.
M: Should I eat a bank mint?
W: Only on bank holidays.
M: What time is it?
W: Time to go home!
M: How old am I?
W: That's something you have to tell me.
M: Only on bank holidays.
W: How many of those are there per year?
M: As world and word lose brilliant articulation, my consciousness seems oriented to something beyond the world.
W: You're not here to discuss anything as mundane as bank holidays.
M: Because there are chockfull places now.
W: Full of pullulating humanity.
M: I think you have a pressing need for time travel.
W: Then we could all exist in our own special times.
M: How many of those are there per year?
W: None, because time travel hasn't been invented yet.
M: I just told you, I can do nothing.
W: I don't expect you to invent time travel.
M: Peace of mind.
W: Because then we could go anywhere to escape.
M: Reactions.
W: The people already there would react to the people popping in and out of phase.
M: Am I now talking to the second me that just rose up out of my recumbent physical self?
W: I don't think I was ever you.
M: Are you going to harm me in future?
W: I always try to prevent all kinds of harm.
M: Sponges.
W: Yes, we are absorbent of slights.
M: Your wit is empty?
W: I shall squeeze it out.
M: Geronimo might have known magic, but Savonarola would balk at it.
W: I would like to stack the banned books in a neat pyramid, like cakes for sale.
M: Our common humanity must prevail.
W: It's our only hope.
M: You can change the subject too.
W: We can't change our era, but at least we can suggest new topics daily.
M: How do you know?
W: I try to do this, on occasion.
M: Is that a "No"?
W: No, that is a Yes.
M: Yes, we are absorbent of slights.
W: We get hurt all the time, our wants are deflected.
M: I'll read to you.
W: What will you read?
M: No, that is a Yes.
W: Read to me.
M: I agree with you.
W: But I want to be read to.
M: Surely he is minor, though delightful and sunny-glade-filled.
W: That sounds like a perfect author!
M: Let's make up a story about A, B and C.
W: A apple pie, B bit it, C cut it?
M: You want to burst that bubble?
W: No, let's keep the nursery rhymes intact.
M: No, I am too restless for that.
W: I too.
M: It was a lukewarm, namby-pamby question, I retract it.
W: Goodbye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!