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Friday, February 15, 2008


The Mirror: I am on the surface what I am

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: Expect nothing, pretend nothing.
W: You expect a lot out of people!
M: Word as camouflage, but for what?
W: No, I am on the surface what I am.
M: We can be polite about it.
W: Politesse requires some scope.
M: I've heard of Trelawny of the Wells.
W: Politeness involved there?
M: I can't possibly restrain my joy!
W: You love politesse!
M: Ah, once upon a time.
W: Once upon a time, people were mannered.
M: Jet lag occurs between continental flights.
W: But in the old days, no one got bent out of shape about it.
M: All broken.
W: Now the rules are.
M: How are you?
W: I am very well, thank you for asking.
M: I didn't say "on this planet."
W: I am better on other planets.
M: Maybe you're right.
W: Oh, of course I am.
M: That's what this is all about.
W: Me being right?
M: Now the rules are.
W: The rules are that I am always right.
M: Is that sarcasm?
W: More of a jest.
M: The rules are that I am always right.
W: Can we both be right?
M: You can get actual knowledge if you just read poetry aloud.
W: Is poetry about the rightness of being?
M: Me being right?
W: Us all being right.
M: I exist as one side of an empty space, yet a space, pregnant --
W: What is around that corner?
M: It's only when I allow the pieces to be bigger that my life takes on its usual mediocre aspect.
W: Pieces of a puzzle?
M: "Can you taste this," said Marie?
W: Are you two eating puzzles of marzipan again?
M: Let me ask you a question.
W: OK, go ahead.
M: Are you hailing someone on the street?
W: No, do you see someone out of the window?
M: His mind: empties.
W: Always greet people with an empty mind.
M: For what?
W: For greeting properly.
M: I get confused when there's too much input, too many alternatives.
W: That's why an empty mind is an excellent wastebasket.
M: I'm morally defunct.
W: Throw out the old, defunct ideas.
M: You would rather talk to me than go to Brazil?
W: I think Carnaval has become too dangerous.
M: It's beyond boring.
W: You wouldn't get bored at Carnaval, but you might get trampled.
M: That doesn't count as trying.
W: Well, no one tries to get trampled.
M: That's why an empty mind is an excellent wastebasket.
W: The crumpled-up paper of forgotten ideas.
M: Wrong again.
W: No, I am never wrong!
M: OK, go ahead.
W: *Pouts*
M: Sitting in this chair is not important.
W: Are you going to get up and walk around?
M: *Pouts*
W: Did I give the wrong answer?
M: I have previously committed myself.
W: You were right, wrong, all over the place.
M: (Both)
W: Paradox!
M: You only want to remember the good things, right?
W: I wouldn't go that far.
M: Being sorry is OK, but it doesn't make me feel better.
W: I am not sorry.
M: But I choose one or two.
W: One or two modes of being sorry?
M: Letters are connected by being shoved into word-slots.
W: It sounds so mechanical.
M: What happens if you say hello more than twice in one day?
W: You have to say goodbye even more times!
M: How many guesses do I have left?
W: None, goodbye!
M: Sounds like a number of prankish religious are kicking up didoes!
W: Bye to those bishops!
M: Feelings.
W: You can have them, at parting.
M: (Looks at drawer)
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!