"All the Hues
That Fit, We Tint"

Siberia, USA: Today, global warming. Tonight, dark, unless you count the stars. Tomorrow can be reached via time machine. Yesterday, who can remember that far back?

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Thursday, February 14, 2008


The Mirror: How many looks do you have in your lookbook?

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: Tell me about the world outside, outdo yourself.
W: I hear there is a presidential campaign.
M: How can we have more than half what we should have?
W: By doubling the number of queens.
M: I think the time is ripe.
W: It surely is!
M: I never read a thesis on neuroscience, either.
W: You don't have to know about the inside of the brain to reign.
M: The third alternative, "Wake and be free," is death.
W: I see you are a mystic.
M: Be careful what you pick up from medieval Europe.
W: Plague?
M: Pop culture, or Pope culture?
W: Pope Joan?
M: But I just did, I gave you the best possible answer, Candide.
W: Let us be candid.
M: Poised where?
W: On the brink between uncertainty and knowing.
M: You need my input.
W: I need your output.
M: Yes, me exactly.
W: We are talking about you.
M: For the price of your life.
W: What price greatness?
M: You don't have to know about the inside of the brain to reign.
W: So you're saying queens are stupid?
M: I accept the robe, the mitre, whatever you want to give me.
W: That would be a bishop, not a queen.
M: On the brink between uncertainty and knowing.
W: I know a bishop's not a queen, in chess at least.
M: Life has conspired against me.
W: Tell me your conspiracy theory.
M: Can you move your musing among many worlds?
W: No, I'm too tired to do that.
M: How do I flatter you?
W: Let me count the waste.
M: I think you have to be pretty unscrupulous to be successful in that.
W: Toxic waste, are we talking?
M: But it's only a feeling, right?
W: No, it's an unfortunate reality.
M: Now you made me laugh.
W: Have to laugh, or cry.
M: Doubling my look: Wouldn't that be like a mirror?
W: How many looks do you have in your lookbook?
M: Here I am, doing my thing.
W: What are you doing, updating your Facebook page?
M: Can you win at roulette by knowing the Fibonacci sequences?
W: One would hope so, study should not go unrewarded.
M: What a relief that would be, if it were real!
W: Yes, there should be at least stipends for anyone remotely academic.
M: I don't want anything to happen.
W: You prefer the status quo?
M: It doesn't make any sense to eat hot dogs at our time of life.
W: Frankly, I can only give you a ballpark figure.
M: But what is acquired?
W: Fat.
M: Should his facial expression be enough?
W: He is repelled.
M: Have to laugh, or cry.
W: Make a joke of aging.
M: But such plans never came to fruition.
W: No, we weep for what is lost.
M: One would hope so, study should not go unrewarded.
W: Study of a TV commercial with hidden meanings.
M: How can you experience that if you can't even see it?
W: But I do watch TV.
M: You prefer the status quo?
W: No, today's TV is much too harsh and violent.
M: Why would it cheer you up to wear a watch?
W: If the watch had a tiny TV on it.
M: Machines don't always work.
W: Did you know TV is going digital?
M: What makes you happy?
W: The thought of a magic mirror, on top of a high tower.
M: You're hoping against hope that it's worse than you thought.
W: So that they will be made to change.
M: Don't react.
W: Keep a straight face.
M: Nor did I.
W: You broke up?
M: Are you here in front of me?
W: That I am.
M: You just told me it was.
W: And will be.
M: You are harping on that Zen theme, and all I can think of is lunch.
W: Go and have it.
M: Don't leap ahead, I don't even know what you were going to say.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!