"All the Hues
That Fit, We Tint"

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Thursday, February 21, 2008


The Mirror: Can you recover lost flattery?

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: Now you flatter me.
W: How have I flattered you?
M: And one can never recover everything from one's past, even if one would like to.
W: Can you recover lost flattery?
M: Who are your neighbors, anyway?
W: Sometimes my neighbors flatter me, sometimes they disparage me subtly.
M: The distortion is in the mind of the viewer.
W: Are you saying I can never be objective?
M: Maybe you should sit on it.
W: I should not fly off at the handle.
M: So (G)od is extraneous, a sort of topping?
W: Religious people might pray before answering certain e-mails, so in that case, (G)od would be intrinsic to everyday life.
M: I would say much more than I can fit here.
W: Oh go ahead, run off at the mouth.
M: Are you having trouble following me?
W: Not so far.
M: They balanced on the final uppermost rock, and fell at last onto the whole of which they knew nothing, and nothing changed.
W: Is that because they knew nothing about life?
M: The child doesn't have to let years pass to do this.
W: The child knows less than the adult, or has less experience, but its perceptions are fresher, more honest.
M: Post haste!
W: Children are in a hurry to grow up, and look where it gets them.
M: How would anybody else know?
W: We tell them, but they don't believe us.
M: Not so far.
W: A time may come when children heed our warnings?
M: Ah, you fell down on the job.
W: What job is that?
M: A time may come when children heed our warnings?
W: Is it my job to warn them?
M: Nonsense, I hope.
W: Right, because I'm not a teacher.
M: Not so far.
W: Do you think it's our job to raise each other?
M: Just because you say something in words doesn't mean you mean something in your heart.
W: We can't be phony about saving or rescuing.
M: Sometimes it seems that the vest of my personality is nothing but!
W: Is it a bulletproof vest?
M: Different Gods have taken on so many different disguises.
W: Do gods wear protective coverings?
M: An amazing end!
W: Goodbye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!