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Monday, March 06, 2006


Two Glamorous Characters and an Alien

Collaboration, 03-06-06

Bella, Darya and I collaborated on this pic at ArtCluster. You can probably guess that I drew the alien. Here's a bit of our chat:

Websafe: Ahhh ... cool and elegant characters at a party? maybe the Oscars?
Bella: :p
Bella: hey websafe
Bella: yeah they're at a party
Websafe: may i add an alien
Websafe: it will be a suave alien
Bella: sure
Bella: go a head ;)
Websafe: one trying to fit in socially go unnoticed perhaps
Websafe: lol
Bella: lol
Bella: wow i like the aliens eyes
Darya: i dont like mine
Websafe: tx bella ... darya, i like your character
Bella: yw**
Darya: ty web
Darya: i like your alien too ^^
Websafe: tx lol
Darya: its a real alien
Darya: mine is not a real one :p
Bella: is your girl an alien?!
Bella: lol
Bella: she doesnt seem so
Bella: lol machinha
Websafe: i like the bold shading style u 2 r using