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Sunday, September 06, 2009


King Bird shadow puppet

Made this shadow puppet at a workshop for kids. First there was a shadow-puppet show (based on a Vietnamese folk tale), then a make-your-own-shadow-puppet session. We were provided with all materials, including thin dowels with pre-punched holes, and the use of a hot-glue gun.

One of the children eyed my creation (then unpainted) critically.
"What's that?" she said.
"That's King Bird. He's a magic bird. See his boots? That's because he transforms into a man." (This was suggested to me by the show's final transformation scene, in which the frog-hero becomes the Prince of Fairyland.)
"It looks like a chicken," said the child. She punctuated her remark by making her character (a 6-inch penguin) take a few light jabs at King Bird with its beak.

(Note: In the above image, King Bird's feet cannot be seen; he is wearing boots with a red heel.)

Date: Summer 2009
Dimensions: 10" X 9"
Support: Lightweight poster board
Media: Watercolor