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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Garbage Cans Can't Understand

Garbage Cans Can't Understand

Rendered in haste, while listening to a local electronica ensemble. Free-association text reads:
Garbage cans can't understand the things that are put in them any more than a tub can understand a Twinkie pie and that goes for U2 blast furnace because there is an edge that lives in me in your feeble footglow for all time. When a little girl has a thin waist which part is littler her name or the drama now they are rejumping up and down so hard that the floor shakes [this was really happening] and they are only little children but big enough to know better when the princess assizes in the prench papa power dome. Got the fizzles for her Socrates neighbor all of sacrosanct beetles came crowning thru for the bittleshome avant que je parle over some Beethoven Chauncey meet they sat at meat.

Date: Summer 2009
Dimensions: 9" X 12"
Support: Seth Cole #94 Premium Heavy Drawing Paper (110-lb.)
Media: Mechanical pencil, watercolor

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