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Monday, October 06, 2008


The Mirror: Invisible to sparrows

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: There isn't always a plot in what I read.
W: It sounds as though you are open to plotless fiction.
M: Their houses are furnished with octagonal rooms.
W: So they are different in at least two respects.
M: (G)od saying hello to itself.
W: Now you are talking of recursion.
M: What is the signal for fire?
W: Perhaps a scream?
M: If it bounces back and forth inside the skull ...
W: Then there is no way out.
M: And so I re-imagine a world entire, living the rest of my life forgetful, asleep ...
W: Would that be a waste of a life?
M: Are you worshiping me?
W: I have forgotten how.
M: This is life, real life.
W: Is it real to worship in that way anymore?
M: An open wound echoed, voiced.
W: The world is in trouble.
M: Does someone else have a name for this experience?
W: They call it "hemorrhaging money."
M: The problem is when I try to externalize it.
W: But it's nothing but external.
M: Self-evolution.
W: Could we evolve past textbook journalism?
M: They call it "hemorrhaging money."
W: They are alarmists.
M: In the same series.
W: The series of Men.
M: They are alarmists.
W: They depend upon it.
M: It was very quick in arriving, there was no figuring.
W: Unless you were an insider.
M: But it's nothing but external.
W: It's external to the little guy.
M: I think all the time, it never stops, the wheel is unceasing.
W: It was set in motion long ago, by some fool with an empty shell.
M: How about Waylon Jennings?
W: He has made his name, he has plenty of money.
M: You're not ready.
W: I wasn't ready for a question about someone country-fried.
M: They pass in review.
W: And we judge them accordingly.
M: It is invisible ink.
W: TV is invisible to sparrows.
M: What is the topic in between topics, the subtext, or is that too obvious?
W: The obvious topic is the corporate bailout.
M: Meteorologists.
W: The weather of money.
M: I will not budge from my position.
W: What is your position?
M: Hmmm ...
W: You're there, for sure, but you don't know where you are?
M: From me?
W: To you.
M: How hard do you work?
W: Give me the measure.
M: Always a reservation.
W: I won't answer unless you do.
M: The weather of money.
W: I guess there's a drought.
M: Well, if I didn't answer, you wouldn't know.
W: That's why I have come to you, as to an oracle of old.
M: TV is invisible to sparrows.
W: Sparrows need no oracle.
M: Naming things does not solve their ills.
W: Analysis cannot save us?
M: Timewise?
W: It would have to be lightning-quick.
M: Can't you see?
W: I think I see, or I imagine, corruption.
M: Do you know?
W: No, because I was not there, I am not there.
M: How could you be mistaken about such an amazing thing?
W: Corrpution never amazes me now.
M: More of a jest.
W: I joke about the big potatoes.
M: Well, there may be no window, but there certainly is a door.
W: Is opportunity knocking on that door?
M: It's all the same.
W: Flying in at the window, jumping out at the door.
M: You can say that, but I have an internal alarm.
W: Is it a question of security, a security system?
M: (Picks up phone)
W: Don't call the police, I am no one!
M: It isn't nothing, this "paying attention" business.
W: Pay attention to the sterling quality of my character.
M: But don't you want to add something?
W: I am caution itself when at the doors of strangers.
M: (Repeat and reverse)
W: Your position reverses mine, so you are reckless?
M: After years mining nuggets of wisdom, I say no more wisdom.
W: You are fed up.
M: Pay attention to the sterling quality of my character.
W: I would like to say you are a good oracle.
M: Thank you.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!