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That Fit, We Tint"

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Thursday, September 18, 2008


The Mirror: Sing in a mighty major key

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: Don't interrupt me.
W: That is not a very welcoming start to a conversation!
M: Should I play the part of Life?
W: That means that I have to play Death!
M: That's a good place to start.
W: No one starts with Death.
W: One starts with Birth.
M: Suppose I pretended to remember nothing?
W: It would be nice if you forgot your opening remark.
M: I am oh so knowledgeable, ask me anything.
W: How long will I live?
M: I don't think you have much worldly power if you work at an antique store.
W: Worldly power cannot extend one's life expectancy.
M: I want to introduce you to Richard Foreman.
W: The question is, does Mr. Foreman wish to meet me?
M: I've read it.
W: Richard Foreman wrote somewhere that he wanted to meet me?
M: You are talking yourself out of business.
W: All right, all right, I'll stop being so recalcitrant and disbelieving.
M: The world recoheres.
W: Back to normal social behavior.
M: Where the mind could scan for geometry, the mind could sniff death.
W: People don't usually think of minds as being able to smell.
M: One starts with Birth.
W: Do infants have a keen sense of smell?
M: Shall we discuss the singer Donovan?
W: You prefer [the topic of] Donovan to [the topic of] infants?
M: How long will I live?
W: As long as computers and the Web last.
M: Where did you hear that?
W: Now it is you who are disbelieving.
M: Do infants have a keen sense of smell?
W: I believe that they do, but it may take a while to cohere.
M: Well, maybe.
W: You are as doubtful as me on a good day!
M: Is that a "No"?
W: It's a hedge.
M: Weights.
W: Is that a pun on "waits"?
M: Then it's inside you.
W: I did think of the pun, but you might have done, too.
M: It entertained me.
W: We both got a chuckle out of it.
M: Can people be marginal in a place like Atlantis?
W: Donovan sang a song about Atlantis, I know that.
M: We are nothing but smears in the grass.
W: I'd rather just be a blade of grass.
M: That is a fragile spell, and can be spoiled.
W: The tall grasses have all but disappeared from the prairies of America.
M: Please, not again!
W: All right, I'll stow the ecological speech.
M: The purpose is to change the situation inside which orientation goes on.
W: You mean, orientation to our society's views?
M: It's different, that's all.
W: Are you saying we should orient our thoughts differently from the get-go?
M: Mr. Pettyface says, "Shoes within shoes, tight but debonair."
W: The kind of "shoes" which never come off, as they are conceptual.
M: The tall grasses have all but disappeared from the prairies of America.
W: Because Mr. Pettyface refused to walk barefoot through their waving intelligences.
M: You attitude re-reminds me of all responsibilities concerning politness.
W: You find me too engaged in pettifoggery?
M: Am I in a position to say the same thing?
W: We have both been beating around the bush with syntax of gauze.
M: There might be sugar chargers.
W: Sugar is a fuel which some feel could solve the eco-crisis.
M: Because Mr. Pettyface refused to walk barefoot through their waving intelligences.
W: They were waving their sugarcane banners.
M: I am a textile designer, in a way.
W: You design gauzes of meaning.
M: (Two profiles, empty jug)
W: Nothing to drink!
M: Good, because I was getting ready to be offended.
W: You can't be offended if we both go thirsty.
M: I have no secret self.
W: So you are transparent.
M: No, I am being realistic.
W: A practical, down-to-earth sort?
M: I don't see anybody else present in this room.
W: You do tend to tell it like it is.
M: Escape from that pressing need to prove oneself.
W: Right, we take you as we find you.
M: Can you?
W: Sure, I am very accepting.
M: You do not see.
W: Is there a point under the point you were trying to make?
M: Surely you don't wish to be a soldier?
W: I don't want to debate in a verbal war.
M: What key should I use, o mighty one?
W: Sing in a mighty major key.
M: That's where the Second Coming ought to occur.
W: With a trumpet blast, it's said.
M: You do tend to tell it like it is.
W: Well, I must leave you now.
M: I mean now.
W: Goodbye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!