"All the Hues
That Fit, We Tint"

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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Egyptian Robot, 2 Demons, Alien Bones

Egyptian RobotOn Artcluster, there was a friendly crew. Tyger was drawing an exquisite tiny character in the lower righthand corner with nice colors and an Eye of Ra. So I tied in the robot to the colors. However, C Girl erased her leading lady on center stage, so my robot had no one to talk to.

2 DemonsThe blue demon at the bottom is Kio's, and the orange one at the top is mine. I opined that my demon lacked the courage of his convictions, that he possessed a certain lurking cuteness. After all, I am but a Nice Middle-Aged Lady. Tyger joked that he looked like he could be dreaming of kitties and daffodils. All too true ...

Alien BonesHumbly, at the end of my session, I drew some colorful alien bones.