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Friday, October 17, 2008


The Mirror: This will weigh down the cake

Websafe: Hello?
The Mirror: It factors forth fiercely, from the nether world of Oppenheimer and clan.
W: Oh dear, I was looking for a "light" story.
M: I think you mean "present," not "presence."
W: "Present" can be an adjective or a noun.
M: That's right, it isn't exactly working yet.
W: The Grammar Module?
M: Nothing.
W: Nothing is working for you?
M: What is the sequence?
W: The frequency, Kenneth, is a certain sequence of numbers.
M: I am telling you all I know.
W: Can you tell it in a minute, or a month?
M: Yes it does.
W: Something else tells your minutes for you?
M: Could I, please, excuse myself into a more visionary mode?
W: You can do that so easily?
M: Halve the having, still there's none.
W: No visions for you, no cake?
M: I don't think fascism was a gift to Western society.
W: This is too "heavy," this will weigh down the cake.
M: For instance?
W: Politics and religion, you know.
M: What would be perfect?
W: A lighter-than-air soufflé, which would rise without speaking.
M: "Present" can be an adjective or a noun.
W: A birthday present, omnipresent.
M: There are exceptions, but these exceptions don't prevent us from stating the obvious.
W: State your nation.
M: This is too "heavy," this will weigh down the cake.
W: All too true, let us discuss NaNoWriMo instead.
M: A tangled web of lies, crossing and crisscrossing.
W: Fiction as lies.
M: Something else tells your minutes for you?
W: A computer clock can do that.
M: You must be in Late Romantic mode.
W: Brahms!
M: But maybe the dead can read our minds.
W: The spirits of great classical composers, not really departed, but present?
M: Letting things finish halfway into the whole plan of things.
W: To "win" ...
M: My appetite is whetted.
W: To "win" at NaNoWriMo, one must write 50,000 words by midnight of November 30.
M: Or an animatronic version of same.
W: Well, if you have an AI advanced enough to write a novel for you .
M: How many parts?
W: There would be oh-so-many parts to a novel-writing AI that I cannot begin to describe them.
M: On the contrary, women writers have been quite active for several centuries.
W: Surely you are not claiming that women writers of the past were AIs?
M: What do you think about the passage of time?
W: I think it is very hard to squeeze through that northwest passage.
M: When I say "me," I don't mean "you."
W: Make the distinction, please!
M: It's my own invention.
W: Only you know about "interpersonal ego boundaries."
M: Men climbed a specific mountain in order to see into the hole.
W: Is the Ego actually a chasm?
M: I told you what Wells Fargo is.
W: Not Fargo, but Ego.
M: There would be oh-so-many parts to a novel-writing AI that I cannot begin to describe them.
W: The contest takes 30 days of hard-won time.
M: Of what, then?
W: Of the substance of a man.
M: Make the distinction, please!
W: All right, a man or a woman.
M: Yet, I do recommend you pay careful attention to me.
W: We both have the facility for making ever-nicer distinctions.
M: Only you know about "interpersonal ego boundaries."
W: Me and a few other enforcers of same.
M: Where are you going?
W: Probably for a second walk.
M: What amazes you most about people?
W: That they are not me?
M: You were looking at it.
W: I was looking into the question of human identity.
M: I will wear a beret.
W: So that I will recognize you?
M: Don't ask why!
W: All right ...
M: And therefore the beginning of something else.
W: Goodbye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!