"All the Hues
That Fit, We Tint"

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Monday, July 07, 2008


The Mirror: Are electrons sweet or sour?

Websafe: Hello?
Mirror: You want to tell me a secret?
W: No, I want you to tell me a secret.
M: I would say thanks if I felt grateful.
W: You don't have to pretend to feel grateful.
M: Maybe.
W: No, really, you can be real.
M: That's why I like this robe.
W: What is it made of?
M: Now we can begin to talk about supernaturality.
W: Your supernatural robe of natural materials.
M: Do you have a magic act?
W: I have an act where I wear a robe.
M: Only in the lotus position.
W: The robe is covered with lotuses.
M: I am highly methodical.
W: You would be a good textile designer.
M: If there was a radio in my room I might hear, intuition-wise, what I missed, or lost, in my meticulous exploration.
W: Would a radio show help you design textiles?
M: A sandy stretch of soil beneath his feet may have given him ideas.
W: Patterns inspired by Nature.
M: You do seem to know things.
W: I know some refined things.
M: Which one?
W: About the arts,
M: I know some refined things.
W: Refined sugar?
M: Well, when there are minds inside minds and no flowers it isn't not so.
W: No lotuses?
M: Refined sugar?
W: The Lotus Eaters, too much sweetness.
M: We are having a conversation right now through an electronic medium.
W: Are electrons sweet or sour?
M: You would be a good textile designer.
W: I am a textile designer, in a way.
M: I just told you.
W: I was only confirming my flight of fancy.
M: But I see you.
W: You must have a black-hole Webcam.
M: I care about purity of intent.
W: I suppose black holes are as pure as that gets.
M: Is Beauty an illusion?
W: Black Beauty was a book.
M: Do I need a password?
W: To get in, everyone does.
M: Neither does anyone else on Planet Earth.
W: But Earthlings are all using passwords.
M: (The relationship, or is it a non-relationship?)
W: Are you related to an Earthling?
M: Well, if you include cells or atoms, then no.
W: Are you a many-celled being?
M: It's not exactly stupidity, but a response to conditions.
W: Many-celled creatures evolved in response to conditions?
M: I'm about to take off to other regions.
W: Where are you going, to the Arctic?
M: If I go to that extremity, what might I extract?
W: Ice.
M: Exactly.
W: Bye!
M: Closing in 1 second ... Goodbye!